Biopop: la scienza come non l’avete mai discussa

“BIOpop” results of the combination of the words “BIOthechnology” and “POPular”: the name of this European project refers to its aim of bringing Science from the laboratories into the streets. Being aware of the need of citizens to know more about Science, which increasingly influences their lives, the intention of the young European Biotechnology researchers is to test and develop a new approach to Science communication. The idea is to organize two communicational events in the main square of two selected cities using a mixture of animation, games for children, music, public discussions and real experiments performed with common kitchen “reagents” in an “open lab” environment. The first event will be hosted in Bologna, piazza maggiore on the 8th and 9th of October.

BIOpop is a project supported by the EU which for the first time entails a strong involvement of young researchers. The project is coordinated by ANBI, a professional association of young biotechnologists, that works together with the respective associations of France, Germany, Poland and Netherlands, in collaboration, among others, with the University of Bologna (Italy), the Young European Biotech Network, the European Federation of Biotechnology, Marino Golinelli Fundation and the Life Learning Centre Network.

The role of Observa is to evaluate the impact on the public of this participatory approach during the events of Bologna and Deft, using a combination of social research methodologies and comparing the results with those of other successful European projects.

Further information in the official website of the project


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