The SHARPER project wants to make the researchers’ quest for excellence accessible to everybody in cities and communities where researchers act and live.sharper2016

Excellence is one of the main goal that researchers aim at through high level research projects that can generate innovative results. While working to reach this goal enthusiasm, emotions and knowledge are the pivotal points, the real driving force both for young and for experienced researchers, leading them constantly to face new challenges. Excellent research is relevant for everybody even when it faces topics apparently distant from citizens’ everyday experience. Today’s quest for excellence may results in revolutionary changes for the future, which is why it must be accessible and comprehensible for everybody thanks to the researchers’ communication actions planned in this project. Making this process accessible means to share with people this quest for innovative results, as well as researchers’ feelings carrying out their job.

The project researchers’ night Sharper involves five Italian cities: Ancona, Cascina, L’Aquila, Palermo and Perugia. Observa is partner of the Consortium of Universities and research centres and will evaluate the activities with particular attention to initiatives in which researchers will find themselves in direct contact with the public. For this reason it was designed a tracking system of public meetings like the speaker’s corner, informal meetings with researchers and open labs.