“Newton’s Chicken. Science in the Kitchen” published in English


Massimiano Bucchi

World Scientific, 2020

A highly rigorous, yet original and entertaining book exploring the connection between food and science.

Why has science forcefully entered the kitchen from a certain moment in history?

Why do scientists often use images and metaphors drawn from gastronomy?

What is the common thread that connects scientific experiments to mouth-watering recipes?

What has futurist cooking got in common with molecular gastronomy?

Experiments with coffee, controversies over beer and chocolate recipes guarded as if they were secret patents are the ingredients of this original, surprising account of the intersections between gastronomy and research, between laboratories and kitchens.

“A clever and amusing book”, Il Corriere della Sera.
“A rich meal with delicious ingredients  … several succulent anecdotes… an articulate essay, just like a menu, that interrogates science on the kitchen counter”, Il Sole 24 Ore.
 “170 pages that read fast and lively”, La Repubblica.
“A treasure of curiosities”, Panorama.
“A book suitable for all palates”, Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American)
“A fascinating book, full of stories unexpectedly connecting science and cooking”, Helsingin Sanomat
“An original book which explores the relationships between science and cooking through several examples” (La Recherche)
Winner of International Book Prize “La Vigna” for books on food and wine (2014).

Published also in France, Finland, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and other Latin American countries. 

Massimiano Bucchi is Professor of Science, Technology and Society at the University of Trento and has been a visiting professor at several academic institutions in Asia, Europe and North America.

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