PERSIST – Knowledge, beliefs and the perception of science among European students

PERSIST_EU is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by the University of Valencia (Spain) which involves five European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Portugal). The following aims are included amongst the primary objectives:

  • the production of a method of assessment relating to the forms of ICT adopted at university level for the teaching of science and which might be applied in future to any didactic activity and any level of education. The specifically created ICT platform will be able to evaluate what or who influences the students when they have to decide on questions concerning science and whether the choice is based on scientific evidence or anecdotal evidence;
  • improvement of the knowledge of university students across the EU with respect to topics that have considerable social influence, such as climate change, vaccines, the use of complementary and alternative medicine and food safety;
  • an analysis of differences among university students in terms of nationality and gender and at the cultural level in relation to their social knowledge of science. To this end, the activities (seminars, workshops, etc) will be carried on in five different EU countries so as to cover socio-geopolitical differences.

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