CONCISE five citizen consultations in a Book

The CONCISE consortium has published the standard of the process of organizing the five citizen consultations that took place between September and November 2019 in Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal.

The book, available under a Creative Common license, describes the first stage of the research.

The book consists of six chapters dedicated to each of the consultations, which also includes the pilot consultation that took place in Barcelona in March 2019 and based on which the citizen consultations were organised.

It details the entire organisation process: descriptions of how each one of the consultations was organised and staged.

It offers useful guidelines for developing similar activities involving the citizenry.

Chapter 2, written by Sara Fattori, Andrea Rubin and Giuseppe Pellegrini, here available, resumes the public consultation held in Vicenza (Italy).

The CONCISE project has carried out its five public consultations between September and November 2019. Over 500 European citizens have had the opportunity to share their opinions on science communication about four topics: vaccines, complementary and alternative medicine use (CAM), genetically modified organisms (GMO) and climate change.

How to cite this publication:
Fattori, S.; Rubin, A and Pellegrini, G. (2020). Public consultation held in Vicenza (Italy). In Moreno-Castro, Carolina; Mendoza- Poudereux, Isabel & Vengut-Climent, Empar (Eds.) CONCISE’s Public Consultations, pp. 16-41. Valencia: ScienceFlows and Science Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of Valencia.

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