PCST 2012: evaluation survey and reminder for proceedings


The results of PCST evaluative survey are now available. The survey has been conducted on the participants of the XII International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference, Quality, Honesty and Beauty in Science and Technology Communication, held in Florence from 18th to 20th April, 2012.

View the full results of the evaluation

The survey shows the participants’ main reasons for coming to PCST 2012 and their degree of satisfaction, as well as a comparison with the results of the previous PCST and a large collection of comments. For more news about the event, read the article A great success for PCST 2012.

Finally, if you wish to submit your paper for the online PCST 2012 Proceedings, please send your text (maximum 1500 words) by 30th June, 2012 to scientific@pcst2012.org. This invitation applies to presenters of individual papers, “show tell and talk” as well as to speakers in organized panels. PCST 2012 welcomes jointly authored papers that arise from participation in panel sessions. Editing of proceedings will begin on 1st July, 2012. More info at www.pcst2012.org.