Safety at Table. Perception of food related risks in Veneto

Is it more risky chicken or beef meat? Where can I buy safer products? It would be better to eat homegrown products or vegetables bought at the supermarket? How much are antibiotics residues dangerous?

Which public bodies do you think are in charge of cheking the safety about what we eat? And how much are important cattle-breeding systems with regard to food safety? Is it true that once we used to eat more natural products?

Through the results of this survey authors disclose opinions, habits and concerns of citizens about food, highlighting dimensions and factors shaping the perception of food safety. The text is the result of the study started in 2003 and carried out by Observa in collaboration with the Istituto Zooprofilattico delle Venezie e the Regione of Veneto, involving in the survey more than 800 households resident in Veneto.

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