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The risky dish

The Observatory desplayed the results of the survey on food safety perception

The 80% of Italian people is worried about the safety of food. The survey, realised by the Observatory of Technology and Science in Society, show an impressive outcome: the concern about what we eat every day has increased significantly. The Italians are considerably more worried than other Europeans -the 40% more than the least worried […]



Science and Technology in Society, Facts and Figures 2014

Special ten years edition

Im. Annuario old

The Yearbook Science and Technology in Society - Facts and Figures 2014 received a lot of attention by many media, in occasion of its special ten years edition. ...

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Women and Science

The new edition of Women and Science, by G. Pellegrini and B. Saracino, is now available

donne e scienza

All data and information to understand the gender relations in the world of national and  international research. The volume is organized in collaboration with FAiR, ...

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Ten years of science in society, 2001-2011

Published the Observa decennial book


To celebrate its first tenth anniversary, Observa has published Ten Years of Science in Society, a special book in Italian and English. With texts and ...

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UK’s Science Media Centre lambasted for pushing corporate science

Article by Mićo Tatalović


[SALVADOR/LONDON] Science media centres, institutions that aim to improve the coverage of science in the media, seem to be proliferating. New ones are being planned or ...

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