Workshop – ‘The Future of Food’

On 6 June a workshop entitled ‘The Future of Food‘ was held at the Biblioteca Internazionale La Vigna, an international library in Vicenza. An event organised within the framework of the three-year European Inprofood project, which involves 18 organisations from 13 different European countries. The project aims to create opportunities for reflection and comparisons between civil society, public administration bodies, the academic world and enterprises to tackle social, economic and political issues concerning research on health and nutrition.

The workshop, which has involved researchers, entrepreneurs, citizens and public administrators, has the aim of disseminating certain information gathered during the course of the project and collecting comments and questions from participants during an intense debate. The topics discussed include environmental sustainability and the production of safe food, north/south relations at global level with respect to the production and consumption of food products, food-supply chains and the role of regulation in the promotion of research in line with the public objectives concerning health and consumer needs.

Following the debate, members of the public were invited to participate in the ‘Food, Science and Society‘ evening event, which began with the screening of a video produced by Alberto Brodesco entitled ‘Chickens, Meatballs and Pills. Food science – at the cinema and on television‘, a pleasantly entertaining pot-pourri of film clips on the relationship existing between food and science.

At the end of the evening Bruno Gambarotta, a well-known writer, actor and television presenter, read and commented on various texts adhering to the theme referred to as ‘Born to be Fried‘.

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