The Marzotto Project recognizes excellence in works that school propose for a specific issue. This year the students will deal with the theme: the family I wish.

The competition provides for the presentation of papers concerning this important nucleus of the society. Over time the concept of the traditional family has evolved, seeing the constitution of new types, among them the de facto family, foster or the one formed by different parents.

In a society where everyone should have equal dignity and opportunity, there are still people who are not recognized as having the right to a family, who are deprived of them for the most different reasons. It is often said that friends are the family that you choose, while parents, siblings, relatives, can not be decided. This is an opportunity to change perspective: children and young people are invited to investigate the topic, probing their feelings and desires to build their ideal family.
Observa will design and implement the evaluation of the projects proposed by the students in collaboration with a scientific committee of experts.

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