The 2011 Science in Society Facts and Figures, Il Mulino publishing house


Which countries have the youngest academic staff? Which companies spend most on research? Which sources of science information are considered the most credible by Italians? And what is their attitude towards digital technologies? Which issues and trends shape science in Italy? In which European countries are consumers most worried about the potential risks of food?

The 2011 Science in Society Facts and Figures with The Italians, science, and digital technologies and Science in Italian media, will be presented on 23rd February 2011, 6.00 p.m., at the Circolo dei Lettori, Palazzo Graneri della Roccia, Via Bogino 9, Torino.

Science in Society Facts and Figures, now in its seventh edition, provides, in a brief and accessible format, key data and information to understand the state and transformation of research and innovation of contemporary societies: human resources and investments in research and innovation, patents and use of technologies, public attitudes towards science, a chronology of the main events that marked the relationship between science and society during the previous year, a list of sources and relevant publications.

The book also documents the most recent trends in the relationship among science, media and public, with several chapters: «Italians, science, and digital technologies. Science, technology, and public opinion in Italy during 2010», with the newest data from the Science and Technology in Society Monitor; «Science in Italian media: trends and emerging issues»; «Youth and science university curricula»; «Food cultures in Italy and Europe. Perceptions, safety, and the role of research».

«Data like these should not be published in specialistic journals, but they should be presented on the front pages of all top newspapers» (Tullio De Mauro)

The book, published by Il Mulino, will be available at digital and traditional bookstores from the end of February. The book is sent free of charge to Observa members. Research for the Science in Society Facts and Figures benefits from the support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

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