The 2010 Science in Society Facts and Figures, Il Mulino


Which countries do have the most clever researchers at obtaining EU research funding? Where are the most innovative companies? Which are the most influential scientific journals and the most productive research field? How have Italian citizens changed their trends on bioethical issues? How do the mass media talk about science, and how much? Are Italian students less interested in S&T than their European contemporaries?

The Science in Society Facts and Figures, that has reached its sixth edition this year, suggests briefly and in an accessible way a reasoned group of information and data coming from the most credited national and international sources, useful in order to understand the status and the transformations of research and innovation in our society. Moreover, this year the room devoted to the most recent tendencies in the relationship among science, media and public opinion is even wider: «The Italians, science, and bioethical issues», with new data of the Science in Society Monitor; «Science makes news. First report on science and technology in Italian newspapers»; «Science and new generations», a comparative analysis of international spectrum of the orientations of Italian students towards science and technology; «Twenty years after: tendencies in the relationship between citizens and science in Italy and Europe, 1989-2005».

The book, published by Il Mulino, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo can be purchased at local bookstores and on the web (ISBN 978-88-15-13447-9) and it is distributed free to Observa Members.

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