Ten years of Observa Science in Society


On Saturday 12th November 2011 Observa celebrated its first tenth anniversary, presenting data, publications and events of former ten years of research and activities on science, technology and society. The meeting was held in the beautiful venue of the fifteenth-century Palazzo del Monte di Pietà in Vicenza.

During the meeting, Ten years of science in society, a small book highlighting all Observa research, events and publications, was presented and handed out to all participants.

Download the book (pdf version)

The afternoon was opened by the documentary Piccolo passo o grande sbalzo? Noi e la tecnologia (A Small Step or a Great Leap? Technology and Us), produced by Observa with A. Brodesco.

The meeting continued with the greetings of Giuseppe Ottavio Zanon, vicepresident of the Fondazione Monte di Pietà, who stressed the importance of Observa activities in order to understand present society and contribute to its future.


Federico Neresini, president of Observa, explained the mission of the research center in recent years. After a general overview on Observa research projects at local, national and international level, he presented the Science in the Media Monitor and some of its results.

Later, Massimiano Bucchi, coordinator of the scientific committee, gave an overview of public perception data collected by the Science Technology and Scociety Monitor, recalling two of the main Observa public events: Science and Society meets in Architecture and A Regola d’Arte.


Finally, Giuseppe Pellegrini, head of science and citizens area, emphasized the relevance of public participation in decisions on technoscientific issues, using as examples the ParCo and Accent projects.


After some questions from the audience and the projection of the video Sc(i)en(z)e da ridere (Science for a Laugh), produced by Observa, the meeting was followed by a cocktail in collaboration with EquoBar, Loison Pasticceri and la Centrale del Latte di Vicenza.

Thanks to Centrale del Latte di Vicenza, EquoBar, Fondazione Monte di Pietà, Loison Pasticceri, ViArt.

Special thanks to Elena Agosti, Patrizia Cazzaro, Giulia Cegalin, Stefano Corsi, Francesca Cremaro, Andrea Lorenzet, Marzia Lovato, Mario Micoli, Roberto Mina, Luisa Dall’Alba, Barbara Saracino, Chiara Segafredo, Giuseppe Ottavio Zanon.