Which technologies have changed society for the better? And for the worst? Which is the technology you could not live without?

On occasion of the “National Short Film Festival 2009 – It is a Small Step”, Observa has given the possibility to vote for the technologies which have changed society and our life style most significantly.

One hundred and sixty-five visitors, mostly belonging to the age group 20-29 (50%) and 30-44 (33%), have voted online during the days before the Festival. These are the results.

For participants, the technology which has changed our life for the better is Internet (37% of votes), followed by the washing-machine (20%), the Computer (18%), the Car (13%), whilst Mobile Telephone (5%) and Television (3%) pick up limited votes. Among the technologies that have changed our life for the worst 28% of voters put Television at the first place, followed by the Mobile Telephone (24%) and Air Conditioner (20%). The car is suggested by the 10%, whereas in the last positions among the technologies with a negative impact, we find Internet (3%), Washing-Machine (1%) and Computer (1%).

The technological object we could not possibly live without is the Computer (45%), followed by the Mobile (28%) and the Car (14%). Only l’1% says to cannot live without Television.

The same voting has been proposed to high school students from Vicenza during the meeting “Innovations and Dreams” held on October 31st 2009 with the participation by Tatti Sanguineti, Umberto Guidoni, Luca Taddio, Cristiano Seganfreddo and Giuseppe Pellegrini.

The results are partially in tune with those from the online voting: for youngsters too Internet is confirmed as the technology that has improved our life most significantly (26,2%), followed by the Car (23,1%) and the Mobile Phone (20,8%). Even more clear-cut is the negative opinion towards Television: 45,4% of students think television has worsen our life.

Finally, the object the young “Vicentini” cannot give up anymore is the Mobile (52,3%), differently from the online voters who privileged the Computer.

Watch the video with the interviews on our relationship with technology:

On occasion of those meetings, Observa has made the video Piccolo passo o grande sbalzo? Noi e la Tecnologia also linked in the homepage of