Science and Society meet in Architecture


Waiting for the third edition of Science and Society meet in Architecture (16-19 April 2009), Observa Science in Society covers the most significant moments of the 2008 edition in a fresh, unpublished collection. The thread of the publication, edited by Massimiano Bucchi, Stefania Cagnazzo e Stefania Crovato, is the comparison between pairs of eminent personalities in science, in architecture, in the show-business, in the arts and in philosophy, who engaged in a dialogue both amongst themselves and with the public on the diverse facets of the relationship between science and society.

Following the keywords Truth, Creativity, Identity and Freedom, the reader can re-interpret the cartoons in a scientific light, through the words of Giulio Giorello and of the creator of Nathan Never, Antonio Serra; enjoy the fresh marriage of humour and evolution in the dialogue between Gene Gnocchi and Telmo Pievani; investigate the possible connections between genetics and anthropology with Carlo Alberto Redi and Franco La Cecla; meditate on the forms and limits to freedom of thought in medical science and in the arts with Ilaria Capua and Cino Zucchi.

The volume re-proposes the programme developed during the four days of the edition: not only the dialogues amongst scientists, philosophers, artists and actors, but also the journey in exploration of the nanouniverse, with the acting company Le Nuvole and their show “Nanometamorphosis”, and a taste of Dario Loison and Fausto Maculan’s confectionery and wine science: sweets and desserts bearing fruity shapes and flavour coupled with the balanced and sweet flavour of the “torcolato” wine. It is a pity that “the truth of the interpretation reads too much into the reality of things, re-proposing tridimensional objects on a bidimensional surface; a consideration that was very dear to Galileo Galilei…” (G.Giorello, page 11).

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The integral version of the volume, reserved to the members of Observa, is available here.

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Science and Society meet in Architecture is an initiative promoted by Observa – Science in Society and by the Municipality of Caldogno. The 2008 edition was carried out under the sponsorship of Regione Veneto, Provincia di Vicenza, C4 –Centro Cultura Contemporaneo Caldogno– and VAGA –Associazione Giovani Architetti di Vicenza–, with the support of Camera di Commercio di Vicenza and of Trend Group S.p.A. and finally with the collaboration of Corriere del Veneto (Media Partner), Hotel Vergilius, Tipografia Campisi, Libreria Galla 1880, Ristora, Loison Pasticcieri, Maculan Azienda Agricola and Compagnia Teatrale Le Nuvole.

Observa contributes to the European network “Cities in Science”, coordinated by the city of Barcelona and supported by the European Commission, which involves also the cities of Wien, Lisbon, Magdeburgh and Tromso.