Read the preliminary results of the CONCISE project


CONCISE project aims to generate a European-wide debate on science communication. In particular, the project aims at providing qualitative knowledge through citizen consultation on the means/channels (media and social networks, life experience, relatives, religion, political ideology, educational system…), by which EU citizens acquire their science-related science knowledge, and how this knowledge influences their beliefs, opinions, and perceptions.

CONCISE carried out five public consultation that involved 500 citizens in five countries:  Lisbon (Portugal), Valencia (Spain), Vicenza (Italy), Trnava (Slovakia) and Lodz (Poland),

On September 14, 2019, Observa carried out the Italian citizen consultation at Villa Valmarana ai Nani (Vicenza) with the participation of 100 citizens. Italian public consultation  explored the understanding of italian citizens, regarding four selected topicsvaccinescomplementary and alternative medicine use (CAM)genetically modified organism (GMO), and climate change.

Download and read the REPORT (in English) with the first data available from the Italian consultation