Public Understanding of Science: the next 25 years


Friday 27th October, five roundtables on five keywords of Science in Society trends and changes. By invitation only. Introduction by Massimiano Bucchi (University of Trento), PUS editor. With the participation of:

?Martin Bauer (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Lorenzo Beltrame (University of Trento)
Emanuela Bozzini (University of Trento)
Alberto Brodesco (University of Trento)
Attila Bruni (University of Trento)
Edna Einsiedel (Calgary University)
Declan Fahy (Dublin City University)
Jean Baptiste Gouyon (University College London)
Willem Halffman (Radboud University of Nijmegen)
Susan Howard (Public Understanding of Science)
Pablo Kreimer (University of Buenos Aires)
Niels Mejlgaard (Aarhus University)
Caroline Moors (SAGE)
Giuseppe Pellegrini (University of Padova)
Luigi Pellizzoni (University of Trieste)
Cristina Rigutto (University of Padova)
Steven Shapin (Harvard University)
Sally Stares (City University London)
Esa Väliverronen (Helsinki University)
Giuseppe Veltri (University of Trento)

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