Public Understanding of Science – a peer-review journal for turbulent times


In occasion of the twenty years of Public Understanding of Science, the leading journal in the field, we publish the editorial of April 2012 by Martin W. Bauer and Susan Howard, presenting the results achieved in these two decades of activities.

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From the introduction of the article:

«With a total of 465 papers peer-reviewed and published between January 1992 and December 2010, Public Understanding of Science is clearly a small fish in this large publishing ocean, and also a small fish within its own world, the social sciences. All the same, PUS strives vigorously to support the work of researchers studying the modern scientific mentality in a global perspective.»

Public Understanding of Science is a fully peer reviewed, quarterly International journal covering all aspects of the inter-relationships between science (including technology and medicine) and the public. Martin W. Bauer (editor) is also member of Observa scientific committee.