Observa Science in Society


In 2011 Observa celebrates its first ten years of activity. A series of special events and activities are planned during the year.

A special book will be published, with texts and images highlighting key science in society projects and initiatives put in place by Observa during the past decade.

Since 2001, Observa promotes the study and discussion of the interaction among science, technology and society, with the aim of stimulating dialogue among researchers, policy makers and citizens.

Observa belongs to the main international networks actively engaged with science in society issues, including ESCoNet (European Science Communicators Training Network), Science and the City, MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies on Science for Politics) and the network of institutions coordinated by the London School of Economics which monitors global trends in public perception and media coverage of science and technology.

Observa also contributes to the international surveys on science and new generations ROSE (Relevance of Science Education) and IRIS (Interest and Recruitment in Science). Activities are supervised by an international and interdisciplinary scientific committee.

Observa membership entitles subscribers to receive all book publications and gives unlimited access to research materials, seminars and other events. To receive Observa’s free monthly newsletter in Italian and English, write to observa@observanet.it

With the Science in Society Monitor Observa conducts a regular survey, monitoring trends and changes in Italian public opinion about science and technology issues.

The Science in Society Facts & Figures, published yearly with Il Mulino publishing house, provides key data and information to understand the role and transformation of research and innovation in contemporary societies.

The Science in the Media Monitor is an innovative software that systematically collects, archives, and analyzes the coverage of science and technology issues in the media.

In recent years, Observa also organized a series of public events: exhibitions and meetings, forum with experts and citizens, training seminars.

In the near future, Observa looks forward to strengthen its current activities and plan new research and publications. Observa will also take active part in the organization of the 12th World Conference in Science Communication, planned in Florence in April 2012.

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