Merck Serono intends to strengthen its commitment to spreading and promoting a culture of science, turning this time to a particular audience: young people.
Accustomed to perceiving science as something far away from their daily life, often confused with science fiction, young people are likely to lose the bond with a branch of knowledge that is actually part of their existence more than they can perceive.

The Merck Serono Scientific Contest  involve high schools Italian students since 2004 and rewards every year
the best tales of Italian high school students who effectively develop the interweaving of science and literature.

From the first year of activity to date, 1600 stories have been collected. Observa studied the stories by selecting the themes most felt by young people
This type of method has allowed to isolate for each story the narrative context and the main arguments that have been developed through a coding process made with the ATLAS.ti® software. The coding activity has thus allowed to identify the main elements that relate to study topics highlighted and elaborated in student stories.