Italians’ opinion about technologies


Have technological advances brought positive or negative changes to our life?

Generally speaking, Italian opinion about technological advances is increasingly positive as compared to 2007. It’s information as well as communication technology to be high-ranked. Moreover, the positive perception of nanotechnologies is increasing although 16.4% still don’t know what they are; whereas the opinion about bio-technologies holds steady. More negative is instead the opinion on the impact of nuclear energy. There is also criticism towards the implications of some specific technologies. As a contrast to the positive opinion on the impact of mobile phones, two interviewees out of three believe that the use of mobile phones is potentially dangerous for our health. While a vast majority regards the impact of the Internet as generally positive (74.5%), almost six Italians out of ten think it is difficult to understand whether the sources of information that you can obtain from the Internet about medicine and healthcare are actually reliable.

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The Science in Society Monitor is an initiative promoted by Observa and supported by Foundation Compagnia di San Paolo.

It is conducted through CATI-method interviews on a sample of 1000 cases, representative of the Italian population over 15 years of age.

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Translated by Giulia Burato.