Italians and intellectual property


January 2012 saw the first big net-strike. Wikipedia and many other websites, as well as social networks, protested against two laws advanced at the United States Congress with the aim of fighting online piracy as well as the spread of network contents such as as movies, songs, video clips, episodes of TV series.
The strike had its effect and the two laws were put back sine die. But what do Italians think about that?
Since 2007, Science and Technology in Society Monitor has been detecting the tendencies and trends in the Italian public opinion about copyright and intellectual property; in 2011 an increasingly marked orientation towards forms of free (online) access was registered.

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These and many other data are included in 2012 Science in Society Facts and Figures.

The Science and Technology in Society Monitor is an initiative promoted by Observa and supported by Foundation Compagnia di San Paolo.

It is conducted through CATI-method interviews on a sample of 1000 cases, representative of the Italian population over 15 years of age.

Observa Science in Society is a non-profit, independent, legally recognized research centre promoting the study and discussion of the interaction between science and society, with the aim of stimulating dialogue among researchers, policy makers and citizens.

Translated by Giulia Burato.