Health and Governance


On April 5, 2006, the Fondazione Policlinico of Milan and the Centro Studi Politeia are organizing a conference on citizens’ participation in health policy and the decision-making process. The conference, aimed at presenting the special issue of Politeia dedicated to Governance and Health, will be the occasion for a discussion of public participation in medical decisions and of the role of the citizen-patient.

Due to its growing complexity, contemporary medicine has become more participatory in its daily practice. Patients ask for a more active involvement and a deeper empowerment in their health choices; the therapeutical process has become increasingly differentiated and individualized; expertise does not belong solely to physicians, but is often the result of shared and coproduced knowledge; and, health choices are negotiated between doctors and patients. Many identities and subjectivities appear on the scene of health decisions and are involved in a common space of governance. This game made of new rules and roles is attempting to identify new foundations for the goals of medicine.

More information at Fondazione Policlinico website.