Flying houses, ravioli in mozzarella and Beatles


Today, a closer relationship between Science and Society is considered necessary for economical development and for wellbeing in general. Also, research and innovation risk losing the possibility to make an impact on and to enrich our lives if they do not integrate with different creative areas and those of practical experience.

So, the challenge is to stabilize the dialogue between science and society, between innovation and the territory using the intelligence, passion and experience of scientists, artists, architects and philosophers to make it more understandable and intriguing.

So, here is Science and Society Meet in Architecture that took place from 12 to 15 April at Villa Caldogno (Vicenza): four days of debates, exhibitions, music, cocktails and a lot more.

This series of events is being promoted by the Municipality of Caldogno and by Observa – Science in Society and will present a wide range of new and fresh ideas which cross from one sector to the other.

Well known names and faces from the science, art, architecture and philosophy fields talked together and with the public about the relationship between science and society. This did not happen in the usual academic way but by discussing key themes, using informal, laymen’s terms and putting across stimulating points of view.

Umberto Galimberti (philosopher) and Roberto Vacca (engineer and writer) on Thursday 12 April at 20.30, talked about the many different definitions and faces of Technique, while astrophysicist Giovanni Bignami and “on-air” artist Tomas Saraceno confronted each other on Friday 13 April at 20.30 on the keyword Imagination. To conclude the evening Massimiano Bucchi and Mario D’Angelo entertained us with “Science and Pop Music”.

On Saturday 14 April at 17.00 with world class chef Massimiliano Alajmo and Carlo Cannella, an expert in food science and a regular guest on the TV scientific programme Superquark, the focus was on Science in the Kitchen. This was followed by a scientific aperitif.

Lastly, on Sunday 15 April at 17.00, after the video “Architecture of Sciences” produced by the National Institute of Astrophysics and introduced by Leopoldo Benacchio; the director of architecture journal “Domus” Flavio Albanese and geneticist Edoardo Boncinelli explored the different facets of Project.

A parallel art exhibition displayed the works by children of local schools on the image of the scientist and the ideal laboratory: Science and Architecture as seen by children. The prize giving for the best works was on Sunday 15 April at 17.00.

Architecture is an element strongly characterizing the local identity and tradition of this region and bears evidence of the historical collaboration between scientists, experts, craftsmen, politicians, merchants and citizens. Thus the events was held in a highly significant setting: Villa Caldogno, a magnificent Sixteenth Century building which shows technical-scientific knowledge, artistic creativity and social and cultural identity at their best.

Science and Society Meet in Architecture was also meant to raise the attention and awareness for the great potential of science communication at the local level.

Science and Society Meet in Architecture was supported by the Veneto Region, the Province of Vicenza, the Association of Young Architects of Vicenza Province, the Regional Institution of Venetian Villas, with the contribution of Intesa San Paolo Bank, Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, Jolly Hotel Tiepolo, Galla Bookshops, Tipografie Campisi, Corriere del Veneto newspaper.

Observa is a member of the European network of ‘city of sciences’ ESCITY supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the city of Barcellona, which includes also the cities of Vienna, Lisbon and Tromso.

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