Explore the Science in the Media Monitor


The Science in the Media Monitor (SMM), designed and developed by Observa, has recently refined its tools of analysis, making them partially accessible to the public.

As a matter of fact, a demo version of the SMM system is now publicly available. It contains data for the period from 1st April to 5th May, 2011. The demo allows users to explore the main features of the SMM, whose job is to analyze the web content of the most important Italian newspapers, providing data and statistics on the coverage of science and technology topics.

See the demo of the SMM system

The demo implements advanced technologies for data storage, cleaning and analysis. It comes from the work of the SMM research team, coordinated by Federico Neresini and made up by experts and researchers in computer science and sociology.

Since 2008, the SMM system, which has been constantly updated, can analyze web contents published on the 6 main on-line Italian newspapers. This is the first monitoring of scientific and technological issues carried out on this type of media.

How to use the demo: Type a term concerning science and/or technology – such as “bioethics”, “evolution”, “iPad”, “Nobel”, “nuclear” and so on – in the search bar. After a while, a list of on-line articles containing the chosen term will appear.

Note: The full text of the articles is not available in the demo version of the system.