The technologies that will change our lives

What are the technologies that will change our lives more significantly from now to 2020? The forecasts and the expectations of Italians seem particularly focused on issues of mobility and energy. Over four citizens out of ten, in fact, believe that our future will be shaped mainly by the introduction of hydrogen vehicles. The second most cited technology are ‘intelligent’ robots and computers (25.5%), followed by the development of personalized medical drugs (18.3%). Less relevant is considered the impact of innovations such as e-readers of books and newspapers, while the commercial and tourism potential of space travel seems still far away in terms of public perception.

The differences connected to educational levels are quite interesting: those with a university degree are less likely than the average to emphasize the impact of hydrogen cars and intelligent robots, being more inclined to identify in personalized medical drugs the most significant innovation for the next decade.

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Read the article published on Novà 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore, by Massimiano Bucchi.

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