“A Regola d’Arte”: the pleasure of ‘well crafting’ things

The second edition of the event “A Regola d’Arte” was greeted by remarkable success, with audiences filling up the beautiful context of Villa Caldogno to listen to dialogues on science and practical knowledge, take part in workshops and cocoa tasting, enjoy music and piano performances. Scientists, musicians, philosophers and artists were involved in dialogues and performances about topics like Geometry and Humor.

Friday, April 15th, the pianist and songwriter Debora Petrina performed the concert Geometries of Music.

[youtube_sc url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRhqIDJCGes&feature=player_embedded” controls=”0″ fs=”1″]

Later on, Debora Petrina and Piergiorgio Odifreddi, mathematician and writer, dialogued with the public about GEOMETRY A REGOLA D’ARTE: the Pythagorean theorem, its numerous demonstrations and applications to the visual arts.

Saturday 16th, WORKSHOPS A REGOLA D’ARTE offered to children and adults the opportunity to explore the pleasures of ‘well crafting’ things under the guidance of leading masters: the Art of Ice Cream, the Art of Moka Coffee and Tea, the Art of Pharmacy, the Art of Paper, and the Art of Piano-making.

The soiree UMORISMO A REGOLA D’ARTE was introduced by Scienze da ridere, a video edited by Alberto Brodesco, showing the funniest scenes in film history about science and scientists.

The festival ended up with the dialogue between Maurizio Ferraris, philosopher and writer, and Francesco Tullio Altan, author of comics and satirical sketches, who discussed about the role of humor in daily life: why do we laugh (if we really laugh) while listening to funny stories or reading comics?

A Regola d’Arte is an event promoted by Observa Science in Society and by Comune di Caldogno, with CNA Vicenza e Provincia di Vicenza, Università del Caffè di Trieste, Umoristi a Marostica, Associazione Giovani Architetti Provincia di Vicenza (VAGA), with the contribution of Ordine dei Farmacisti della Provincia di Vicenza, Burgo Group and Palladio Industrie Grafiche Cartotecniche, with the collaboration of Hotel Vergilius, Tipografie Campisi, Corriere del Veneto, Loison Pasticcieri, AutoTransfer, Falkensteiner Hotel and Resort, Borgato pianoforti da concerto costruiti a mano, Gnam Gnam Gelateria, Figli di Pininpero zucchero & zuccheri.

Special thanks to Marino Andreetta, Anna Buccio, Patrizia Cazzaro, Giulia Cegalin, Roberto Cibin, Stefano Corsi, Simone Fogliata, Andrea Lorenzet, Ottavio Menara, Emanuela Minnai, Barbara Motterle, Francesca Ponzecchi, Enea Saccozza, Barbara Saracino, Chiara Segafredo, Alessandra Zigliotto.

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