0 is an organ of multidisciplinary study and research on the question of risk management on plant exogenous gene transfer techniques.

It aims to propose safety procedures, tools and strategies to present to the scientific community and to the local administration for a suitable risk management of this matter.

Today, there are promising possibilities to exploit safer gene transfer techniques (thus more compatible with Society’s concern) based on the progress of technology, experience and procedures of risk management. Besides, risk management in plant exogenous gene transfer should be more carefully considered in the research lab, while it should be addressed also from a bioethical point of view. Finally, a correct information and communication would be essential for managing the irreducible conflicts among the several parties involved.

Because considers a multidisciplinary approach essential to a thorough analysis of risk management in plant exogenous gene transfer, the parties involved in the project (three PAT research centers of the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT): IASMA, ITC-isr, MTSN, and Observa – Science in Society belong to different competence fields. Moreover, each will contribute with own national and international cooperation.

All these expertise will come together in for promoting a research that is attentive to environmental questions, to the biological risk management and to the very relation Science & Society. The result will be a synergy of competences that will support the development of these issues in cultural, social and ethical terms.