Does Science belong to everybody?


Vicenza – Italy, 11th february 2005, Camera di Commercio di Vicenza, Corso Fogazzaro 37 (Salone Marzotto).

From embryo to GMOs, from radioactive waste to the ozone hole: more and more times, these days, we find ourselves in the condition of arguing and deciding on science and technology issues. Such issues ask not only researchers, but also public institutions, industries, associations, community groups and every single citizen. But how can we express our views on such complex debates?

Within the framework of the first European Science & Society Forum 2005, promoted by the European Commission, Observa is launching the First Italian Forum on “Science and Society”.
The Forum purpose is to select issues from subjects that are in different ways involved in scientific and technological innovation (public authorities, enterprises, associations and organisations, school, public citizens), with particular reference to the local level and to discuss them between leading exponents of the research community and civil society.
The results of the consultation will be presented at the European Science and Society Forum to be held in Brussels from 9th to 11th march, 2005.

For more information download the Forum brochure (in Italian) or send an email to