Data from Observa in primetime


Excellent results for the new series of the Tv science program SuperQuark. Data from the Science in Society Facts and Figures and the Science and Technology in Society Monitor have been presented in the “Science and Society” section of the program.

SuperQuark has set a high audience, with an average of more than two million viewers and peak times of more than three millions, a medium share around 15% and peaks of 19-20%, turning out to be often the most followed of the night.

The following is a list of topics discussed during the program. For more information, it is possible to consult the Science and Technology in Society Monitor and the Science in Society Facts and Figures webpages.

  • Famous scientists and the public image of science: the Nobel prizes
  • Brain drain
  • Student graduating and degree programs
  • Countries with a higher percentage of international undergraduate and graduate students
  • Researchers over 1000 employed people
  • Faculty members under 40 years of age
  • Research funding: public and private
  • Tv audience data
  • Energy dependence

The new edition of SuperQuark was broadcasted every Thursday in July and August 2012 on RaiUno, the primary television station of the Italian public service broadcaster. The last episode was broadcasted Tuesday, September 4th 2012. SuperQuark, anchored by the science journalist Piero Angela, is the most popular and well known science program in Italy.

Two snapshots from the “Science and Society” section: