Cells and citizens. Biotechnology in the public sphere


Are Italians and Europeans really sceptical towards Biotechnology? How have the media contributed to configure a distinction between red and green biotech? How can scientific expertise and public participation be integrated with regard to issues like biotechnologies?

Biotech is an emblematic case of the recent – and not rarely overwhelming – transformations investing scientific research and technological innovation in contemporary societies.

Edited by Massimiano Bucchi and Federico Neresini, “Cells and citizens. Biotechnology in the public sphere” (Sironi, Milano, 2006) analyses the debate on biotechnology, highlighting public opinion and media attitudes and tracing the history of regulation and public involvement in decision-making processes.

Questioning widely spread stereotypes, the authors explore the reasons underlying alleged public scepticism, identifying citizens participation in these issues as one of the crucial challenges for contemporary science and democracy.

Essays by Valeria Arzenton, Martin Bauer, Andrea Lorenzet, Giuseppe Pellegrini, Mariachiara Tallacchini, Giuseppe Testa, Brian Wynne.

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