Beyond Technocracy. Science, Politics and Citizens


È prevista per luglio l’uscita dell’edizione inglese di Scegliere il mondo che vogliamo. Cittadini, politica, tecnoscienza, Beyond Technocracy. Science, Politics and Citizens, di Massimiano Bucchi (Università di Trento).

“Bucchi provides a clear, rigorous and accessible discussion – often enriched by a subtle irony – of complex and ambiguous issues, showing that science and innovation are not neutral terrains, but rather among the key conflictual contexts in which contemporary social and political changes take place.”

Italian Review of Sociology

“In his brilliant new book, Beyond Technocracy: Science, Politics and Citizens, Massimiano Bucchi opens for the reader the Pandora’s box of the complex relationship between scientists and citizens in contemporary, democratic societies…Based on a wealth of empirical evidence and case studies, the book is extremely accessible and well written, making it an ideal introduction to the issues. I would highly recommend it to specialists and non-specialists alike!”

Professor Roberto Franzosi, Emory University

“A dense but accessible book…Bucchi acutely describes the shortcomings of the technocratic and ethical responses to the contemporary dilemmas of science and technology.”

Italian Edition of the New York Review of Books

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