About us

Observa Science in Society is a non-profit, independent, legally recognized research centre promoting the study and discussion of the interaction among science, technology and society, with the aim of stimulating dialogue among researchers, policy makers and citizens.

Observa’s activities are supervised by an international and interdisciplinary scientific committee.

Activities focus on three main areas:

Science Communication;

Research and Innovation Policy;

Science, Citizens and Technology.

Observa belongs to the main international networks actively engaged with science in society issues, including ESCoNet (European Science Communicators Training Network), Science and the City, MACOSPOL (Mapping Controversies On Science for POLitics) and the network of institutions coordinated by the London School of Economics and Political Science which monitors global trends in public perception and media coverage of science and technology. Observa also contributes to the international surveys on science and new generations ROSE (Relevance of Science Education) and IRIS (Interest & Recruitment in Science).

Through its activities, Observa has established collaborations with several national and international organizations, including the European Commission – DG Research, CERN, Lancaster University, Bielefeld University, University College London, University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona, Austrian Academy of Science, Gran Sasso National Laboratory, European Association of young biotechnologists.

In line with its mission of fostering an informed debate on science in society issues, keeping a balanced and independent point of view, Observa is not affiliated to any private or public organization. Activities are funded through specific projects, members’ contributions and donations. To become a member or to be simply included in our mailing list, visit our member page or send a e-mail to info@observanet.it


Massimiano Bucchi
Giuseppe Pellegrini
Barbara Allen
Martin W. Bauer
Massimo Mazzotti
Mariachiara Tallacchini
Giuseppe Testa
Brian Trench


Massimiano Bucchi – scientific committee coordinator
Giuseppe Pellegrini – president
Barbara Saracino