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(Italiano) Scientisti e antiscientisti

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Viruses are worrying, but not as much as pollution

New data from Observa’s Science and Society Monitor

What do Italians believe will be the most serious threats to health in the next few years? Have the recent alarms concerning viruses and pandemics significantly impacted on public opinion? According to data collected by Science in Society Monitor,... Read more

(Italiano) Si torna a discutere di Ogm: i dati dell’Osservatorio Scienza e Società

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Scientism and Anti-Scientism: Why Science and Society Don’t Understand Each Other

by Massimiano Bucchi, 136 pages

Whether the issue is genetically modified organisms, stem cells, or end-of-life situations, public debate appears to be constricted within a consolidated pattern. On the one hand there are the advocates of the unbridled development of technoscience; on the other... Read more

Organic food among science, nature and culture

Environmental issues are increasingly central in public opinion and debate. In the relationship between science, technology and nature, relevant emphasis is placed on the natural dimension, particularly with regard to the area of food. The tendency to favor what... Read more

Dominant Institutions and GMOs in the UK, 1986-1993. The Untold Story

by Mario Moroso

Various scholars agree that the GM problem has fundamentally been a problem of public perception of risk and acceptance of a new technology. But the various accounts of the debate have offered different and sometimes conflicting views of public... Read more

Enriching food and improving food preservative techniques

Italians and science against food emergency

The Science in Society Monitor’s latest survey is going to be presented in preview at the Fourth World Conference “The Future of Science According to Italians, the most important contributions science can offer to deal with food crisis are... Read more

(Italiano) Food and water for life

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(Italiano) OGM: Panorama rilancia il dibattito

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(Italiano) Naturalmente buono: a tavola tra naturale e artificiale

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