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How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex

by Aarathi Prasad

Published the book “Storia naturale del concepimento. Come la scienza può cambiare le regole del sesso”, Bollati Boringhieri ed., by Aarathi Prasad Despite modern understandings, the belief that females are culpable for absurd reproductive failings has never entirely gone away. On... Read more
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Medicines in the environment. Implications and perspectives

by Lucia Michelini

Pharmaceutical medicines, and in particular antibiotics, are useful tools to treat and prevent human and animal diseases. However, after their administration a significant fraction of the drug is not retained by the body mass, but is excreted in urine... Read more

“GLOBULANDIA” – An Adventure in Red

Discover the fiction which flows in your vein, by Gloria Pravatà

Science is difficult to explain. Its terms are complicated and distracting. These are just a few of the many platitudes that haunt science to these days. “Globulandia”, an interactive, interdisciplinary exhibit is designed to settle the record straight. Promoted... Read more

Towards sustainable food research

Observa conducted the first Italian scenario workshop on food & health research programming

The Italian scenario workshop have been arranged on 23rd October 2012 in Rome, at the CRA institute, to highlight how research programmes can foster healthy and sustainable food innovation in the next twenty years. The workshop was organized through... Read more

Debating the future of food

First Observa scenario workshop

Observa organizes the first scenario workshop on research programming on food & health. The workshop will be held in Rome (Italy) on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. This event will be realized through the project INPROFOOD funded by the Seventh... Read more
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Stem cells and Neurodegenerative diseases: Epistemological and Methodological problems

by Francisco Javier Romero and Cristina Rodríguez-Luque

One of the most relevant changes in the way to approach research on neurodegenerative diseases is related to the discovery of the existence of stem cells in the adult nervous tissue. The scientific results and their recent chronological development... Read more

Italians and intellectual property

The new data published by Observa's Science and Technology in Society Monitor

January 2012 saw the first big net-strike. Wikipedia and many other websites, as well as social networks, protested against two laws advanced at the United States Congress with the aim of fighting online piracy as well as the spread... Read more

Health, food and innovation

Observa among the partners of the new European project INPROFOOD

Observa Science in Society takes part in INPROFOOD, a three-year project funded by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Program. One main question that this project needs to tackle is the role that innovations in foods and new... Read more


Towards inclusive research programming for sustainable food innovations

Food-related health problems are a grand challenge for European societies. Over the past decade, most EU Member States have identified food and health as key priorities. This is in response to increases in obesity and diet-related chronic diseases such... Read more

Neurosciences according to Italians

A lot of trust in treatments, but they do not answer to great questions

New data from the Science and Technology in Society Monitor by Observa, presented during the Seventh World Conference on The Future of Science held in Venice. Most Italian citizens have high expectations towards neurosciences, especially with regard to therapeutic... Read more