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Ten Favorite User-Driven Innovations

by Trevor Pinch

The intermodal container as used on container ships 1955. Invented by North Carolina trucker Malcolm McLean.  This became indispensable for global capitalism. Scratching invented by Grand Wizard Theodore in 1977. Famous story is his mom burst into his bedroom... Read more

Towards sustainable food research

Observa conducted the first Italian scenario workshop on food & health research programming

The Italian scenario workshop have been arranged on 23rd October 2012 in Rome, at the CRA institute, to highlight how research programmes can foster healthy and sustainable food innovation in the next twenty years. The workshop was organized through... Read more

The impact of innovation according to Italians

New data from Observa’s Science and Technology in Society Monitor

New data from Observa’s Science and Technology in Society Monitor has been presented during the eighth international conference The Future of Science. The issue concerns Italians’ attitude towards emerging scientific and technologica areas. Read the article Siamo davvero aperti... Read more

Observa website is renewed

The new version will be on-line by September

Observa is pleased to introduce the new version of its website. Graphics and navigation are improved, but the internal organization of contents remains the same. The aim is to provide a website which is up-to-date on the latest technologies... Read more

Sul Corriere della Sera i dati dell’Annuario Scienza e Società 2012

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Explore the Science in the Media Monitor

A demo version of the Observa informatics tool is now available

The Science in the Media Monitor (SMM), designed and developed by Observa, has recently refined its tools of analysis, making them partially accessible to the public. As a matter of fact, a demo version of the SMM system is... Read more
Tra giardini e banane

(Italiano) Tra «giardini» e «banane»: un discorso a puntate sul fenomeno delle opposizioni locali alle cosiddette grandi opere

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(Italiano) Quali indicatori per la cultura della scienza?

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Health, food and innovation

Observa among the partners of the new European project INPROFOOD

Observa Science in Society takes part in INPROFOOD, a three-year project funded by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Program. One main question that this project needs to tackle is the role that innovations in foods and new... Read more

(Italiano) Le scienze sociali a caccia di dati sul Web: il progetto HCI

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