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(Italiano) Che cosa spinge a studiare scienze? Buoni insegnanti, laboratori e fiction

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Edoardo Boncinelli, ‘What is life’

Lectio magistralis by Edoardo Boncinelli

Lectio magistralis given by geneticist Edoardo Boncinelli, who spoke on the theme “What is life”, at Palazzo Cordellina (Vicenza), February 7, during the initiative ‘Merck Serono’ award, in collaboration with Observa Science in Society. Watch the video Read more

Join Observa

2013 campaign for membership

The 2013 Observa’s campaign for membership is now open. If you want to discover how to become a member of Observa and contribute to research about the relationship between science and society, please visit our member page. More info... Read more
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(Italiano) La scienza narrata

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Youngsters’ interest in science

Coming soon the book with data from the Italian survey

The book Participation, Retention and Gender Equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Higher Education, edited by Ellen K. Henriksen, Justin Dillon and Jim Ryder, will be published by Springer in 2013. The book collects results from European project... Read more

“GLOBULANDIA” – An Adventure in Red

Discover the fiction which flows in your vein, by Gloria Pravatà

Science is difficult to explain. Its terms are complicated and distracting. These are just a few of the many platitudes that haunt science to these days. “Globulandia”, an interactive, interdisciplinary exhibit is designed to settle the record straight. Promoted... Read more
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Young people and science

Observa engaged in the Brazilian seminar

The international seminar Young people and science was held in Brasilia (Brazil) from 30th October to 4th November, 2012. The seminar, organized by the Federal University of São Paulo and Observa Science in Society, involved Italian and Brazilian researchers... Read more

Scientific studies and new generations

The book about the European project IRIS will be coming soon, by Giuseppe Pellegrini

    Even if science and technology are commonly recognized as factors of growth and development, that need large investments in school and education policies, around one-third of the students enrolled in scientific degree programs does not complete the... Read more

(Italiano) Quale futuro per scienza e società?

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Ten years of Observa Science in Society

A celebration for its first tenth anniversary

On Saturday 12th November 2011 Observa celebrated its first tenth anniversary, presenting data, publications and events of former ten years of research and activities on science, technology and society. The meeting was held in the beautiful venue of the... Read more