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Italians and renewable energy sources

New data from the Science and Technology in Society Monitor published on Il Sole 24 Ore

The attitudes of Italian citizens towards renewable energy sources show an increasingly positive trend. In 2011, research investments on renewable energy sources are the main priority, in terms of research spending, for almost six Italians out of ten –... Read more

Energy saving: among good intentions and actual behaviors

New data from the Science in Society Monitor published on Nòva 24 – Il Sole 24 Ore The sensitivity of Italian citizens towards energy saving issues remains high, as well as their general willingness to engage in behaviours aimed... Read more

Citizens and research investments: priority to renewable energy

by Massimiano Bucchi

In 2009 research on renewable energy remains the first and foremost priority of Italian citizens in the field of research investments. About one interviewee out of two points out the renewable energy as the research sector to favour. Climate... Read more
nucleare scultura_big

Italians and nuclear energy: the reasons for a change

In the last years Italians’ attitudes have increasingly shifted in favour of investments in nuclear power. From 2003 to today, supporters of this investment have risen from just over 22% to almost 42%; during the same time period the... Read more

The Italian research

Low wages, high productivity in some sectors and wide regional differences

Italy has a small number of researchers, much lower than other countries, especially in the private sector. Low wages and old age of the body of researchers constitute other elements that characterise in negative terms the state of research... Read more

Italians are worried for the environment

even though sometimes more in words than in their actions

Observa-Science in society with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo presents Italians, science and the environment. Second Report on Science, Technology and Public Opinion in Italy, published by Il Mulino in the Science and Society Facts and Figures... Read more

Research on energy and environment? Yes, please!

Research priorities for Italians

On Nova24 – il sole24 the new Science in Society Monitor’s data about the priorities of research according to Italians by Federico Neresini One Italian out of six (16%) considers scientific research as the utmost priority in the allocation... Read more

Italians and Science

First report on science, technology and public opinion in Italy

Italians have deep faith in science, but ask for a greater involvement. 81% reckons that without investing into research Italy is destined to a decline. The credibility of scientists is very high, but critical judgements about transparency and meritocracy... Read more

Nuclear energy: Italians are more and more divided

by Valeria Arzenton

Italians are more and more willing to talk about going back to using nuclear energy. Twenty years after the referendum on nuclear energy, more than one out of three Italians declare they are in favour of investments in nuclear... Read more

(Italiano) Energia, gli Italiani sempre più disposti a investire (anche personalmente) nelle fonti rinnovabili

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