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How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex

by Aarathi Prasad

Published the book “Storia naturale del concepimento. Come la scienza può cambiare le regole del sesso”, Bollati Boringhieri ed., by Aarathi Prasad Despite modern understandings, the belief that females are culpable for absurd reproductive failings has never entirely gone away. On... Read more
Tra giardini e banane

(Italiano) Tra «giardini» e «banane»: un discorso a puntate sul fenomeno delle opposizioni locali alle cosiddette grandi opere

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The Nano-world to Come. Toward the Nanotechnological Society

by Federico Neresini, 200 pages

It is widely believed that society can only run after scientists’ discoveries and technologists’ inventions; if they speed up, the run-up have to be out of breath and changes resulting therefrom are describable only in terms of a delayed... Read more

(Italiano) La “cartografia delle controversie scientifiche” e il World Wide Web

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(Italiano) Scientisti e antiscientisti

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(Italiano) Una piattaforma per mappare le controversie scientifiche e tecnologiche

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Scientism and Anti-Scientism: Why Science and Society Don’t Understand Each Other

by Massimiano Bucchi, 136 pages

Whether the issue is genetically modified organisms, stem cells, or end-of-life situations, public debate appears to be constricted within a consolidated pattern. On the one hand there are the advocates of the unbridled development of technoscience; on the other... Read more

Political debate on human embryonic stem cells are the main protagonists of mass media coverage of stem cell research from 1996 to 2006 in Spanish press

Christina Rodrìguez Luque

The dignity of the early embryo has become the central ethical issue in the public debate over the advisability of continuing human embryonic stem cell research in the last years. This orienting question is shared by both proponents and... Read more

Why should we learn to map techno-scientific controversies?

Bruno Latour, Université Sciences-Po, Paris

Why should we learn to map techno-scientific controversies? A quick glance at newspapers would be enough to answer this question. When science experts openly show their contribution, this is the phenomenon we are unexpectedly witnessing: the debate continues, nay... Read more

A web platform for mapping scientific controversies

Venice, workshop presentation MACOSPOL

Earth’s climate is really changing as a result of human activity? GMOs are an effective response to hunger problems worldwide? Are there potential risks in the development of nanotechnology? Which are the safer facilities for waste treatment? As citizens,... Read more