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How Science is Redesigning the Rules of Sex

by Aarathi Prasad

Published the book “Storia naturale del concepimento. Come la scienza può cambiare le regole del sesso”, Bollati Boringhieri ed., by Aarathi Prasad Despite modern understandings, the belief that females are culpable for absurd reproductive failings has never entirely gone away. On... Read more
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Stem cells and Neurodegenerative diseases: Epistemological and Methodological problems

by Francisco Javier Romero and Cristina Rodríguez-Luque

One of the most relevant changes in the way to approach research on neurodegenerative diseases is related to the discovery of the existence of stem cells in the adult nervous tissue. The scientific results and their recent chronological development... Read more

(Italiano) Scientisti e antiscientisti

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Scientism and Anti-Scientism: Why Science and Society Don’t Understand Each Other

by Massimiano Bucchi, 136 pages

Whether the issue is genetically modified organisms, stem cells, or end-of-life situations, public debate appears to be constricted within a consolidated pattern. On the one hand there are the advocates of the unbridled development of technoscience; on the other... Read more

Political debate on human embryonic stem cells are the main protagonists of mass media coverage of stem cell research from 1996 to 2006 in Spanish press

Christina Rodrìguez Luque

The dignity of the early embryo has become the central ethical issue in the public debate over the advisability of continuing human embryonic stem cell research in the last years. This orienting question is shared by both proponents and... Read more

Italians and bioethics: attitudes shift in favour of assisted reproduction and stem cell research

New data from the Science in Society Monitor by Observa on citizens’ attitudes toward bioethical issues presented at “The Fifth World Conference The Future of Science: The DNA Revolution”, Venice. New survey data reveal marked shifts in the attitudes... Read more
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Fifth World Conference on the Future of Science – The DNA Revolution

Observa Science in Society Monitor Results at the Fifth World Conference

Results from the Science in Society Monitor will be presented in Venice, 21 September 2009 at the Fifth World Conference on the Future of Science “The DNA Revolution”. The Future of Science is a cycle of annual international conferences... Read more

(Italiano) Quelle cellule che spiazzano ‘scienza e società’

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Cells and citizens. Biotechnology in the public sphere

The new book edited by Massimiano Bucchi and Federico Neresini.

Are Italians and Europeans really sceptical towards Biotechnology? How have the media contributed to configure a distinction between red and green biotech? How can scientific expertise and public participation be integrated with regard to issues like biotechnologies? Biotech is... Read more

Italians’ fears

by Valeria Arzenton

Italians’ greatest fear is that the world will run out of drinking water. Out of a number of potential dangers connected to major phenomena, one out of three Italians (31,6%) is worried about the risk of water resource exhaustion... Read more