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Three intense days of conferences, parallel sessions, workshops, networking with professors, researchers, communicators, students, practitioners… may give you a glimpse to follow improving Public Understanding of Science and Technology in your own place when you come back home.

We want to share these radio interviews with you as a result of Radio PCST lab, arranged by Cristina Rodriguez Luque, from CEU Cardinal Herrera University and Angela Simone, from Formicablu. Thanks to Ammeret Rossouw, Robin Vermeij, Natalia Rodriguez and Merel Segers, all Science Communication students, who made this Radio PCST Lab a real project.

BRUCE LEWENSTEIN, professor of Science Communication at Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.

As a part of PCST-12 radio lab Ammeret Rossouw and Robin Vermeij (Science Communication master students at Delft University of Technology) interview Bruce Lewenstein. He is professor of Science Communication at Cornell University. He was editor of the journal of Public Understanding of Science from 1998 – 2003 and one of its founders. In 2010 he was a chair of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s section on Societal Implications of Science and Engineering. Lewenstein talks about the impact of new Science Communication masters, minding the gap between academics and practitioners and what a Science Communicator is in terms of honesty quality and beauty.

ALICE BELL, researcher and science communication teacher at Imperial College in London.

How can social media, and especially science blogging, transform Science Communication? Alice Bell, researcher and science communication teacher at Imperial College in London, gives her vision. Bell performed research on the activities of science bloggers and mapped the variety of this group. She is an active blogger and social media user herself. This podcast was created as a part of PCST-12 radio lab by Natalia Rodriguez (twitter: rodrigueznats) and Merel Segers (twitter: merelsegers), both science communication students at the Technical University of Delft.

MASSIMIANO BUCCHI, University of Trento, co-chair of PCST 2012 Scientific Programme.

After three intense days of ideas, panels and conferences about science communication, Massimiano Bucchi explores with us objectives, goals and major results of this edition of PCST Conference in Florence, Italy, where international experts discuss about the main challenges of Public Understanding of Science and Technology looking for the next edition in Brazil in 2014.

LUISA MASSARANI, one of hosts of next PCST Conference in Brazil in 2014.

“Science communication for social inclusion and political engagement” is the main theme of the next PCST conference which would be celebrated in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil in May, 2014. Luisa explains us some particular features of Latin American science communication that would enrich the biodiversity of the next meeting encouraging journalists, professors, students, practitioners, etc. to participate actively in the 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference.

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