Merck Serono Scientific Contest, Observa report

Merck Serono intends to strengthen its commitment to spreading and promoting a culture of science, turning this time to a particular audience: young people. Accustomed to perceiving science as something far away from their daily life, often confused with... Read more

Young people, Science and Technology

Research Project Observa-Pristem Bocconi

Young people, Science and Technology The ‘Youth, Science and Technology’ survey, promoted and coordinated by Observa and Pristem Bocconi in the spring 2017, was carried out using some of the questions of the ROSE (Relevance of Science Education) research... Read more

European Project GCOF

Whole genome sequencing and society

Innovative technologies used for whole genome sequencing have developed very rapidly over the past five years. Today the costs and the time required to read the human genome have radically reduced. The new genome technologies are being progressively integrated into... Read more

(Italiano) Giovani, Scienza, Tecnologia e Cibo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano. Read more


Towards inclusive research programming for sustainable food innovations

Food-related health problems are a grand challenge for European societies. Over the past decade, most EU Member States have identified food and health as key priorities. This is in response to increases in obesity and diet-related chronic diseases such... Read more


Public Perception and Consultation on Xenotransplantation in Europe

Thanks to the increased reliability of medical surgeries and improved technological interventions in the field of transplantation, a growing number of people are now listed for transplants. Recent scientific developments indicate that transplantation of organs, tissues or cells between... Read more


A Comparative Study Among EU Research Institutions

In recent years, an increasing number of research institutions at national and European level has devoted time and resources to develop strategies and activities to promote dialogue and engagement with citizens. The attention towards public communication and engagement becomes... Read more


Interest and Recruitment In Science

IRIS is the acronym for Interest and Recruitment In Science. The main objective of this project is to develop more knowledge and recommendations informed by evidence on how young people, and girls in particular, may be attracted to, and... Read more

ACCENT – Action on climate change through engagement, networks and tools

Read the contribution by Doctor Cristina Orsatti, a particular example of public participation on art, science and climate change

Fifteen relevant organisations among science centres, science museums and aquariums will be engaged by this European project ACCENT in a coordination action aimed at rationalising their two-way communication practices and at strengthening their collaborations with the scientific community on... Read more


Public engagement in Nanotechnology

The TIME for NANO Project aims at engaging the general public, with a special attention to young people, on benefits and risks related to nanoscale research, engineering and technology, through specific informal education products, namely the nano-kit and the... Read more